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Turning Coffee Husks Into Body Cream

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This luxurious coffee body butter moisturises and tones skin. Use it daily on problem areas to reduce the appearance of cellulite and uneven skin.

Lotion bars are highly needed to cleanse our body and at the same time make our skin glowing. We may find several artificial lotion bars in the market with various flavours and verities of essences. These lotion bars can make our skin clean and healthy for a while but they cannot provide a long lasting fragrance along with an exceptionally smooth service which any homemade bar can cater to our body.

Coffee has a natural resource which is known as caffeine helps to make our skin radiant and glossy. Consequently, products that are enriched with coffee extract work amazingly over our skin cells and come out with highly beneficial effects, which is no exception in the case of lotion bars as well.

The value addition department at National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) in 2019 kicked off with the adding value on the coffee husks which are now used as ingredients in making body lotions.

Gloria Nassali, a research assistant at NARO, explains how this lotion is important for our bodies.

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