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Embrace Cultivated Green Interior Spaces

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By Ritah Mukasa

Lilian Katiso, a gardener and proprietor of Maua and More, says plants can do more than just improve the environment of your home.

Various studies show that plants, mostly those that do well indoors, can boost one’s mood, enhance creativity, reduce stress levels, and increase one’s productivity.

Others naturally help purify the air in your home. However, there is also more to it than just placing those plants in your home.

Katiso says there are different plants suited for different home spaces. In other words, there are particular plants that do well in the living room and those that work best for the bedroom, dining room, corridor, lobby, and bathrooms.

Indoor plants

According to Katiso, everybody should enjoy living and working in cultivated green spaces. And as such, homes and workplaces should have beautiful plants in and around them.

Living Room 2

Some plants absorb heat and release oxygen at night, which helps to lower temperatures. However, avoid adding poisonous plants to your home.

Meanwhile, you can add water plants, trailers, coolants, and succulents. She, however, adds that many water plants are delicate.

They need special attention and care. Other indoor plants include; areca, dwarf date, golden pathos, bamboo palms, ferns, rubber trees, spider plants, and ficus trees. You can also use lucky bamboo, money plants, spider plants, and wandering Jews. 

If the bedroom is small, add a mother-in-law’s tongue or snake plant. “You can keep changing the plants in different spaces. “Pay attention to their needs,” she says.

Have them in colorful pots and place them in corners where they will receive enough sunlight. Also, match them with the floors, furniture, curtains, and wall paint.

However, avoid cluttering spaces with plants. One or two pots can be enough to pull off the magic.

If you want more, then, choose the best display that will not leave the room looking crowded. “You can also follow the rule of indoor plants; one plant for every 100 square meters of living space to keep the air fresh,” she says. 

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