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Feeding Kuroiler Chicken

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If you want to raise Kuroiler chickens, first be completely sure that you can meet its growth conditions. Feed at the rate of 3 pounds for every five birds per day. Amina Sebbi, a kuroiler farmer, breaks down the proper feeding of a Kuroiler chicken farm.

  • One Kuroiler hen bird will eat approx. 5- 8Kg before laying eggs.
  • From one (1) day old- to 4 weeks, give chick mash (Starter), while from 4-8weeks, give your kuroiler chicken growers mash
  • From the 1st laying period to off laying period give layers’ mash
  • Your 1,000 kuroiler chicks will require about 15 drinkers and 20 feeding troughs. Increase number as you see the birds grow, if not enough.

About feed storage

Ensure you have rackets on which to put the feeds. They should be 3 inches from the ground and not touching the wall. At any single moment, there should be no trade-off of disease due to bad storage.
Stocking feeds

Buy your feed stocks when harvest seasons are starting which are dry and when they are in the middle of the season stop as maize grain prices are going up.

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