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Can Passion Fruits Survive Without Water And Irrigation?

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The crops obviously need water to thrive. As a result, even if you are receiving rain during the common two seasons, there are periods of the year when you will need to water them.

You can only do this through irrigation.

There are many systems of irrigation that you can adopt for the farm. These include overhead irrigation — using a water gun — and drip irrigation, which involves using pipes with holes placed near the stems.

You can also use the flooding method, where water is released into the farm from a water source — say twice a week.

You can also use the canal system of irrigation where water is released into canals that are dug in the orchard.

But to do all these, you need a water source. This can either be a dam or a deep well.

Of all these systems, the drip is the most expensive method, though it may be the less strenuous if it is well laid.

To drip irrigate an acre, equipment may be over sh20m.

Using a water gun is cheaper, since all you need is a water source, a pump and suction pipes to push the water from the source and a water gun which distributes the water over head.

This water gun system costs between sh3.5-sh5m, minus the water source.

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