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Dealing With Abortion, Lameness In Goats

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Abortion is the pre-term termination of pregnancy. It can be caused by starvation or deficiency of some nutrients, such as iodine.

Another cause of abortion is certain diseases. These include brucellosis, Enzootic abortion (Chlamydophila) bacteria, Leptospirosis, Toxoplasma, Salmonellosis, Campylobacter, Tick Borne fever, PPR, Listeria and some toxins, like Clostridial toxins and aflatoxins from feeds.

Brucellosis can cause 90% of abortions in the flock, with retained placenta, usually after three months of pregnancy.

Treatment is complicated and some goats carry the bacteria for life. It is advisable to vaccinate the goats against the disease with the Brucella melitensis vaccine either as injectable or eye drop from two to eight months.

How do I stop or reduce lameness in goats?

This is caused by various things, including accidents and infections on the hooves and legs. A small rupture on the leg can quickly lead to lameness.

Regular inspection of the feet, especially when farming boer goats, is advised.

You can also provide a foot bath at the entrance of the night shed.

Use either formalin or copper sulphate solution.

Always remember that goats will try to jump over the bath, so ensure they step there.

Also, when buying goats, you should inspect their hooves.

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