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Reducing The Impact Of Pests And Diseases In A Coffee Shamba

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There are several pests and diseases that attack coffee trees. Some diseases such as coffee wilt are so dangerous that they can destroy an entire shamba.

Others can be stopped through spraying and other management practices.

For the wilt, however, you need to keep constant watch over the shamba and eliminate any tree that shows signs of the disease.

The disease manifests through gradual drying of coffee trees. It has no treatment and so the remedy is to dig out the infected tree and then burn it.

If this is not done, the shamba will be destroyed. You can also mitigate the impact by planting varieties that are resistant to the wilt.

Avoid sharing your farm tools with other farmers because that too facilitates the spread of diseases.

Controlling weeds

Weeds can be controlled both manually and chemically. Manual control includes digging them out or slashing them, while chemically, it means using herbicides to kill the weeds.

However, when picking which herbicides to use, consult farming extension workers in your area.

Note that there are herbicides that kill all weeds and there are those that are selective.

Weeding is done at least three times a year, while spraying may be done twice a year.

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