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New OX-4 Electric Tractor Bringing Hope To Small-holder Farmers

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The International University of East Africa (IUEA), together with partners, is putting together an all-electric four-wheel tractor. 

This innovation is aimed at advancing technology in farming and also increasing farmers’ yields.

The prototype of the tractor is already in place. However, real tests will commence this year in September 2020.

The innovators behind this project are also going to introduce a new type of farming called regenerative farming, a style of farming that aims at preserving soil nutrients such as microbes and moisture so that the soil is kept healthy.

This type of farming can be done in four ways and has proven to be successful in Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe.

“This type of farming does not hurt the soil, it keeps the soil fresh and healthy, and it has proven to work in some parts of Africa,” said Pannuel Mulongo, one of the partners from Local Links, an organization that is helping regenerate farmers in the villages.

Although the team is very determined to achieve their goal, they have faced challenges in convincing the farmers to adapt to the new technological way of farming.

“The biggest problem is not the technology, but the mind change. Many farmers are still stuck in the old ways of farming, but we are doing our best to raise awareness of the new technology we have built,” said Mulongo.

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