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A Simple Garden Can Enhance A Small Compound

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A garden, however small, complements a home’s beauty.

According to Charles Kayemba, a gardener, a trendy person can use a creative mind and hand to change the face of his small compound using a simple garden.

“Identify dormant small spaces in the compound and in an artistic way, create a simple garden using what you practically consider no longer important at home like leftover aggregate stones, bricks, old basins, car tyres, old cans, bamboo and tree barks, among others,” he explains.

How to create a simple garden

Leonard Muzahura, a gardener, adds that just like a decorative garden, a simple garden can be located in the centre of the compound, at the entrance, or next to the verandah, or any free place that is rarely encroached on.

Demarcate the preferred site to set the garden. This depends on how you want to set it, either above the ground level or slightly lower, but remember to fix it strategically where it will serve its purpose best.

“Measure the size and texture of the material chosen before fixing it on the ground. Materials include; sand, black soil, manure, stones, paint, polythene liner, bricks and cement,” he states.

Mix the black soil with sand and manure in ratios of 2:1:1. Align the polythene at the bottom of the tyre or any other materials.

Add the mixed planting soil to half the pot or on the site, leaving 40cm, he advises.  Plant any desired species of flowers or fruit trees but carefully blend and scatter them to avoid creating a thicket.

Add decorative stones and a coat of paint of your choice.  Always consider colours that match the house.

According to Kayemba, you can easily maintain such a garden by watering the plants to keep them flourishing.

Secure your garden by watching out for challenges like drought or heavy rains.

“They are also affected by a fungal infection and sucking insects which can be prevented using fungicides and pesticides. Remember to erect a retainer wall around the garden for beauty, protection from animals and children. You can use bamboo, bricks, treated wood, well designed, polished or painted,” he advises.

Benefits of a simple garden

Rose Naluggwa, a gardener, says just like the decorative garden, this one also attracts ornamental birds to your home that not only catch the eye of the admirers but also boost your personality as a person of class and unique taste.

She continues that the splashes of flowering vegetables, herbs and fruits will give you more health benefits than you bargain for, including filtering the air and repelling diseases, among others.

If set in a container or tyre, it can be movable.  You can make money by hiring it out to decorators or function organisers as a natural decorative piece.

This garden can also sit on the erected level built with bricks, cement and stones which are also decorative on their own.

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