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Why You Need Grapes In Your Diet

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A team of researchers at the University of California’s David Geffen School of Medicine, has found evidence showing that eating grapes can increase gut biome diversity and also lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

In their paper published in the journal Nutrients, the group describes experiments in which they fed volunteers grape powder for four weeks.

Prior research had shown that eating grapes, can promote healthy blood vessels because they contain polyphenols, which are antioxidants.

Eating grapes also lowers blood sugar and blood pressure levels. In some cases, polyphenol consumption has been shown to reduce inflammation, a contributing factor in heart disease.

Grapes have high nutrient and antioxidant content and they go beyond the gut to the eyes, heart, bones, and more.

Antioxidants help repair the damage to your cells. Their powerful antioxidants remain present even after fermentation, which is why wine is also an antioxidant source.

They are a rich source of copper, important for energy production, and vitamin K, vital for blood clotting and healthy bones. Their B vitamins like thiamine and riboflavin, are needed for Grapes boost heart health in several ways.

 Their potassium maintains healthy blood pressure levels by helping dilate your arteries and veins. It may also help excrete sodium and prevent the narrowing of arteries and veins that would otherwise increase blood pressure.

Compounds found in grapes help protect against high cholesterol levels by decreasing cholesterol absorption.

Resveratrol, an antioxidant in grapes, blocks the growth and spread of cancer cells.

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