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Health Benefits Of Quails

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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Quail eggs can be used to treat various ailments such as asthma, cough and allergies.

Quail eggs have proven beneficial in treating more than 30 diseases. They have no cholesterol and have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals.

It stimulates and rejuvenates the body, improves intelligence quotient, and combats stress, diabetes, obesity as well as liver and kidney diseases.

Many people are allergic to chicken and eggs, which cause some itching, nausea and even vomiting — that is not the case with quail eggs. They are not only free of allergies, but they also help to fight allergies because of a special protein called ovomucoid they contain.

Quails grow fast and are ready for slaughter after six weeks. They are also good pets.

Quails are smart birds and can respond to their names, eat from your hands and can even be trained to do certain things.

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