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Learn About Breeding Ducks

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Learning more about duck breeding is important for raising ducks successfully. Ducks generally require less care.

During the breeding period, mating behaviour will include neck biting, pecking, head bobbing and attempts at mounting by the male.

Mate the ducks for at least 2 weeks before collecting eggs for hatching. Doing this will ensure high fertility in the eggs, and it will also give the ducks time to settle down into mating.

If you are willing to breed ducks as a hobby or as a small income source, then you must have to obtain information about breeding domestic ducks.

Domestic ducks are raised for producing good-sized eggs, quality meat and also for getting rid of slugs and snails from the garden.

Ducks require less care compared to other poultry birds. And they have a few basic requirements for ensuring a healthy flock.

Nasser Kayemba, the director of operations at Great Habib Smart duck farm takes us through the breeding patterns of ducks for both domestic and commercial purposes.

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