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How To Prepare Roasted Chicken On A Charcoal Stove

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 By Jovita Mirembe

Dennis Kizza, a chef  at  Ave Maria Restaurant in Mukono, says roasted chicken is rich in proteins and nutrients.

He says although the roasting procedure is a slow cooking process, it’s the best procedure  to prepare food.

 Kizza says roasting gives more firm foods a hard outer texture and caramelisation.

He explains how to roast chicken using a charcoal stove.

What you need

Whole chicken 2kg

Mastered oil 100ml

Salt 5g

Black pepper powder 5g

Cooking oil 100ml

2 big carrots

Royco 3g

2 big onions

 A  whole  garlic piece

One big finger of ginger   

 Charcoal stove, charcoal and roasting mesh


1.Cut the chicken in at least 8 equal pieces.

2.Season the chicken  pieces inside and out with  all the ingredients  and cover for one hour.

3.Light up you charcoal stove  and  control the heat to be at least  450 degrees.

4.Place chicken  pieces on the roasting mesh.

5.Keep changing them during the roasting procedure not to let them burnt.

6.Make sure they turn brown before you take them  off the roasting mesh.

7.They will take  about  50 minutes  to get ready.

8. Serve with   deep fried or steamed Irish potatoes and  vegetables.

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