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How To Make Fish Fillets

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A fillet is a strip of flesh of a fish which has been sliced away from bones. To make fillets;

-Hang the freshly harvested fish on a hook upwards with the neck up.

-Bleed the fish by making a sharp small incision at the back of its neck. Let it bleed until no more blood is oozing.

-Clean the fish thoroughly with clean running water, then scale the fish to remove all the scales.

-Gut the fish to remove all the intestines and other internal organs. Then wash the fish in running water to remove all the blood.

-Place the fish on a clean chopping board. Using a sharp knife, make four slits below the neck, just above the tail and on either sides of the abdomen.

-While holding the fish skin by the slit above the tail, pull off the skin towards the neck region. Then using a sharp knife, slice the flesh off the fish and be careful not to include the bones in the fillet.

-Now you have a nice skinless fillet ready to pack.

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