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Local Chicken: Proper Housing Will Give You Good Results!

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In order to make a profit from your local chicken business, you will need to offer them good housing. When your chicken is comfortable, they will be more productive. The house should keep the chicken safe from predators. It must be free from environmental extremes such as strong wind, cold and heat.

Adequate lighting

There should be enough lighting in the chicken house. Lighting affects chicken development and productivity. For laying hens, nesting boxes should be a bit dimmer and private. Construct the chicken house so that you can provide supplemental lighting if need be.  Extra lighting, especially for laying hens can lead to increased productivity.

Controlled access

Not every Tom, Dick and Harry should get into the chicken house anytime they want to. The house should be constructed in such a manner that it is easy to control who gets in and when. Anyone getting in should use a foot bath at the entrance, in order to avoid the spread of diseases.

Ease of egg collection

The house should be constructed in such a way that the farmer will be able to collect eggs without stressing the birds, and in the least time possible.

Separation of birds according to age and variety has several benefits, including tracking the performance of the flock, giving age-appropriate feed, vaccination and disease control.  Each age group should be housed separately.

Correct stocking density

The house should have the right number of chicken. Overcrowding leads to numerous issues, culminating in less productivity.

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