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How To Manage Piglets In Case Their Mother Dies

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– If there is no foster-sow, rejected and orphaned piglets can be hand-reared using the following milk mixture: 2.5l fresh cow’s milk, 150ml fresh cream, 125ml glucose, 1 beaten egg.

– Hand rearing piglets is tiresome and there is no guarantee of good performance most especially when they don’t get access to colostrum after birth. Therefore, introduce safe creep  feeds  as early as 5 days may help you recover the piglets.

– Vaccinate against pneumonia in the first days after birth and against Porcine Circovirus  three weeks later. The two vaccines are currently available in Uganda.

– If you are a commercial farmer, provide creep feed at 7 days of age. Keep the creep feed out of sow reach and maintain proper hygiene. Provide fresh creep feed every day!

– Wean piglets at 3-4 weeks when fed with a weaner creep feed during suckling. Delay weaning for up to 6 weeks incase creep feed is unavailable. Introduce starter formula feed either using the pig 5% or 25% concentrate from or until weaning. Continue feeding starter feed until 12 weeks of age. Feeds can be got from reputable livestock feed companies.

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