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When Should Weaning Of Calves Start?

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In Uganda however, the most common weaning age in intensive dairy systems is 8 weeks (two months) but it may go up to 13 weeks (4 months) depending on, physical body condition of the calf, body weight and feed consumption.

Calves should be weaned gradually when they are eating one or two kg of calf starter per day. This practice not only reduces costs associated with the high price of liquid feeds, but reduces the likelihood of calf scours. Weaning may be delayed when the weather is cold or calves are weakened by previous or existing illnesses.

Feeding the weaned calf Calves should be housed individually until they are 9-10 weeks of age. Forage legumes like Lablab purpureus (lablab) have high protein content, but legume hay or a mixture of legume-grass pasture cut before flowering is more palatable. Continue to feed calf starter and limited quantities of pasture until starter intake reaches about 2kg per day.

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