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Treat Your Farm Workers Well

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By Jolly Kabirizi & Joshua Kato         

Although farm workers provide invaluable and necessary goods and services, they often earn low wages and endure many job-related hazards, substandard working and living conditions, instability, long hours and isolation. 

Many farm workers face extreme occupational risks and exposures; suffer poorer than average health, and have a life expectancy significantly shorter than average. Despite these challenges, some farmworkers are incredibly resilient. 

They work hard and strive to make a better life for themselves and their communities. Several farm workers have been reported to mistreat animals as a sign of revenge for being mistreated by their bosses. 

One farm worker said, “The only thing I wish I could change on this farm is that they treat us like people and not like animals”. 

Treat your workers well and motivate them whenever you can. 

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