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Proper Harvesting Of Maize

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By Joshua Kato        

Maize can be harvested according to its purpose or use. 

Harvesting maize flour food consumption can start from the time of harvesting to full maturation.

Generally, the maize cob should be harvested after full mature stage.

  • The harvesting time is after the heavy rainfall stops (the husk should become dry, dark brownish, and the seed should also be dried on the cob of a standing plant in the field.
  • At the time of harvesting, a black spot is seen in the bottom (side attached to the cob) of the seed. This black spot suggests it is ready for harvest.
  • If the cob hangs a little bit more than before, it is time for harvest.
  • Harvesting of cob should be done only after stopping the heavy rain. And, also the harvesting should be done on a sunny day.

Post-harvest processing 

After harvest, maize grains should be further sorted to have good quality. The following process should be followed:

Selection of maize after harvest

  • Select cobs of equal size with thick husks. 
  • Remove rotten cob and the cob which are not completely covered with husk. 
  • Remove the cobs with too big and too small kernels (seeds). 
  • Remove the kernels from the top and bottom part of a cob for selecting uniform kernels as seed. 
  • Removed cobs or kernels (grain) should be used for food consumption, but not for seed.

Works after selecting grains 

Cleaning grains by farmers 

  • Seed cleaning is very necessary for quality seed production. 
  • While cleaning, remove weed seeds, dust, wrinkled seeds and seeds of other crops. 

Winnowing fans

  • The hand-operated and power-operated winnowing fans can be used to clean threshed seeds. 
  • Generally, winnowing fans are available from agriculture machinery shops in urban areas.

Drying of Grains  

  • Grains are dried out to for lowering the moisture level to keep the longevity of the seed. 
  • Excessive moisture in the seed may lose its viability soon and also may be attacked by fungus. 
  • Properly dried seeds can be stored for a long time. Hence, the seeds are dried out for several times in the sun before storage. If the seeds are sufficiently dried, the kernels will make a clinking sound when crushed.

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