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Sweet Potatoes: What You Should Know Before Starting

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According to the agriculture ministry, average gross yield is sh5.4m per acre per season. There are two seasons in a year.

If a farmer has land, it reduces the cost of the initial investment. An acre of land costs about sh25m in the rural central region and half of that in other parts of the country.

However, one can hire it averagely at sh250,000 per acre per year in the central region and half of that elsewhere in the country.

Land preparation by tractor costs sh150,000 per acre, done in one or two days, while the same costs sh100,000 by hand done over a month.

Digging mounds for planting costs sh200,000 for an acre, while planting costs sh100,000.

It can be on flat mounds or ridges where three to four vines are planted with spacing of 1cm apart. This applies to places such as Kabale, Bundibugyo, Sebei because they are mountainous and prone to soil erosion.

Management including weeding twice costs sh250,000.

Harvesting costs sh200,000.

Overall, minus the land investment, costs per acre vary between sh1,000,000 and sh1,200,000.

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