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How To Feed, Care For A Pregnant Sow

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  • Avoid stress after conceiving. Don’t move the sows to another pen or add new animals to the group. Stress is difficult for pigs to overcome at any stage of life!
  • Feed the animals twice a day. Animals should eat together and never from the floor.
  • Feeding the sows: Always follow the guidelines for good feeding and your observations on the sow’s condition.

First gestation period

  • Good feed level is essential for a good connection to uterus and recovery of the sow.
  • Too low feed level leads to poor uniformity of the litter. This affects you during sale since they are not of the same size.
  • During the first 60 days of the gestation period, the aim is to repair the sow’s condition. She needs to recover following a period in which her energy balance has been negative.

Last gestation period

  • As the litter grows, extra need for nutrients (energy and protein) must be met. This can be made by balancing the feeds.
  • Feed level affects birth weight, uniformity and vitality of the piglets. Make sure that you feed according to the recommendations.
  • Last week gestation is an important period for the quality of milk. A good second part of the period will also ease the delivery of piglets.

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