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Making Chicken Feeds From Black Flies And Chicken Dung

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Covin Mukisa, a farmer from Hoima, practices poultry farming using organic systems.

He says he rears black soldier flies, which produce eggs that are used to get the feeds for the chickens.

In this process, he erected four wooden pallets where the flies lay the eggs. He says it takes him 2-3 days to harvest the eggs.

After harvesting the eggs, Mukisa says he introduces them to the chicken dung mixed with a little bit of maize brand and after mixing he says that the eggs eventually turn into maggots and the remains will remain as dust which he later introduces to earth worms that turns it into humus.

He says this reduces the expenses in poultry and managing waste on a farm.

Mukisa advises local farmers who would like to make the same venture to use the wet chicken dung, put it outside in a bucket and cover it for 24 hours, he says this makes some warmth and after some period of time open the bucket so that the smell could attract the flies that will lay eggs on the dung and in 2-3 days the eggs will turn into maggots. He says the remains can be taken to the garden.

He also advises the farmers that they should be able to keep the flies if the bucket is put outside to attract the flies. He says when flies lay eggs one has to leave them to turn into flies and keep them for recycling so that this will help you from reducing expenses while doing poultry.

Mukisa says maggots can be used to feed chicken while practising poultry but he, however, notes that you can as well provide maize bran and other feeds for your poultry.

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