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Which Is The Best Cattle Breed For Fattening?

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Ideally, breeds that give a good feed-to-weight conversion ratio should be fattened. Feed-to-weight conversion means the speed at which an animal turns feeds it has eaten into body weight.

Such include breeds like borans — local breed with hybrid, brahmans and Sahiwal — local breed with hybrid. A boran can grow to 200kg after just one year of good feeding compared to an indigenous cow that may take five years to attain the same weight.

The only challenge is that borans or mixed borans are slightly more expensive than the local breeds. If you are to fatten local breeds,
go for young bulls of about one — two years because they gain weight faster than the cows. You can buy them from markets in
Mbarara, Kiruhura, Ngoma, Kyankwanzi, Soroti, Kumi but in most cases, buyers directly pick the fattened bulls from the farm
and take them for slaughter.

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