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Lemon Juice Can Lower Blood Sugar Spikes In Minutes

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Diabetes research states that blood sugar control is indispensable for preventing nerve damage.

Growing evidence shows that certain foods may have lowering effects on glucose.

One drink, in particular, could reduce blood sugar levels in a small time frame of 45 minutes. It is lemon juice.

Lemon is packed with polyphenols, which are then mixed with water to help flush toxins out of the body.

The drink has been used as an antidote for years, thanks to its antibacterial compounds that carry a host of benefits for the body.

Diabetes is a condition characterised by unruly blood sugar levels, that set the stage for a host of complications if left untreated.

According to one Japanese study, lemon juice may also help lower untimely blood sugar spikes. While the drink may not directly lower blood sugar levels, it may prevent levels from spiking after a meal.

Researchers probed the effects of lemon juice on blood sugar to assess whether it may reduce glycative stress; a precursor for premature ageing and diabetes. They found that intake of 100%lemon juice, with no additives, may help stave off disease progressions.

The researchers hypothesised the effects may be down to the citric acid content of lemon juice.

The study was published in the October 2021 UK health magazine, Express.

To put these effects to the test, they recruited 12 subjects, all aged between 20 and 30 years, who were divided into three different groups.

The first control group simply ate 200 grams of cooked rice, while a second group was given 15 grams of lemon juice, followed by 200 grams of cooked rice. The third group was given 30 grams of lemon juice followed by 200 grams of cooked rice.

Lemon juice was mixed with water, and all subjects were instructed to eat food within 10 minutes of drinking their beverage.

All participants had their blood sugar levels measured at zero, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes after consumption.

The findings revealed that the group who drank the highest amounts of lemon juice had significantly lower blood glucose levels at 45 minutes, compared to the group that drank none.

Researchers also noted that participants who drank lower amounts of lemon juice had lower blood glucose than those who drank none.

High blood sugar can affect people with diabetes. Health experts advise to keep blood sugar levels as possible.

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