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How To Use A ‘Plastic Bottle’ As A Tool Of Irrigation On The Farm

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The bottle is one of the simplest ways of irrigating your crops. For starters, many plastic bottles are littered all over, so getting them must not be a problem. Farmers with one to two acres, there is no reason for your crops to dry up because of lack of water.

To use a bottle, create a hole (using a three-inch nail) on either its cover or the bottom, fill the bottle with water, then erect a short stick near the stem of the plant you are to irrigate.

Before tying the bottle on the stick, let the hole face downwards. Water from the bottle will gradually drip to the ground near the plant, hence nourishing it. For young plants such as bananas, oranges or mangoes — between one and three months — one half-litre bottle is enough every two days.

As the crops grow, the water intake also increase and gradually the half litre becomes less effective. The solution would be to use larger containers such as the five-litre jerrycan.

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