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There Is Money In Growing Chilli

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I grow chilli, the red small variety at Matugga, Wakiso district. However, my experience is that there is money in growing chilli. The production costs are so low, but the yields are high and earnings are quite high.

From my experience Chilli is one of the best cash crops, but one that is not getting enough attention from farmers. If you are operating on an acre of land, you spend around sh1m on preparing the land. Experience shows me that if it produces moderately, you will get around 950kg of fresh chilli and after drying, this drops to around 460kg.

With each kilogramme going for sh14,000, that is about sh6.4m from an acre per season. Unlike most crops, chilli is rarely attacked by pests and diseases because of its repellant smell. Birds though eat some of the ripe chilli.

To grow the crop, you prepare a bed where the seedlings stay for around two months. After transplanting, they will start producing after another three months.

The harvest season goes on for three months and the farm can last for five years. If you use irrigation, you can harvest the crop throughout the year. I currently have a market that I cannot satisfy and this is why I am requesting farmers to start growing chilli.

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