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Harvest Money From Other Parts Of A Banana Plant

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Every part of a banana is packed with nutritional and health benefits. But after harvesting, we tend to throw away the other parts of the plant which look not to be useful to farmers.

Washington Mugerwa, a banana farmer and trainer, stresses that this plant, with its flowers, stems, fruits and leaves can be consumed in different ways for overall wellness. Apart from producing sweet fruits, the plants have many different uses.

Bananas are a sweet treat filled with potassium and vitamin C. Mugerwa says the other benefits of a banana plant include;

· Edible banana fruit peels

· Banana plant stems are edible

·  Stem fibres as natural craft materials

· Banana plant fibres to make garments

· Banana leaves can be used as natural leaf platters

·  Steamed banana leaves for packing lunch

· Steamed banana leaves to make wrapped desserts

Edible banana flowers

· Edible banana flowers. Banana flowers are rich in fibre and antioxidants and including them in your diet can be so healthy for you.

· Banana plant rhizomes: Banana plant roots are rhizomes that have many medicinal uses and they are traditionally used in many medicines. Other than that, the most important use of the rhizomes is to propagate the plants.

Banana stems are a rich resource

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