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The Special Mirandano Passionfruit

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Mirandano is a local variety of passionfruit that grows well in southwestern hills, elevated parts of central Uganda and the mountains of eastern Uganda.

Mirandano passionfruits are small and round with a diameter of approximately 4cm. This variety of passionfruit is a long climbing variety, less aggressive in nature with small, pointed, simple, lobed leaves.

Its fruits are green when young and turn purple when mature. Upon ripening, they become softer, with the typical orange colour inside.

The taste is sweet and less acidic. Compared to the early maturing hybrids, mirandano are slow-growing fruits that take approximately five months from planting to flowering and an additional four months from flowering to harvesting.

They are highly yielding and highly resistant to the diseases and also can survive well in a wild environment.

Traditionally, the fruits are used for juice extraction. Mirandano passion fruit is also commonly eaten as dessert or mixed into fruit cocktail.

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