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Engage In Large-scale Commercialised Agriculture, says Barekye

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By Simon Peter Tumwine

The State House Comptroller, Jane Barekye, has appealed to Ugandans to engage in large-scale commercialised agriculture.

“It’s high time Ugandans started investing in commercialised agriculture extensively. Majority of the Ugandans only practise agriculture at a low level,” Barekeye noted while addressing the National Resistance Movement Coordinators during a three-day orientation at the Office of the National Chairperson (ONC) in Kyambogo yesterday.

Berekye said many Ugandans do not engage themselves in large-scale commercialised agriculture because they have small pieces of land, capital and most of them use their hands to plough their fields.

She also cautioned the coordinators to not only focus on the party activities but they should also help the local people achieve the message the President has always been passing out.

Berekye said it is important for a coordinator to know his purpose adding that his or her major purpose is to pass on the message of the President to the lowest person within the community.

“Besides politics, the President has always passed on the message to Ugandans of transforming Ugandans and how to improve their lives. This is the same message you have to pass out to the people of Uganda to the lowest person in the community,” Barekye said.

She said before NRM starts harvesting, they need to plough and plant first.

“We need to start planting now and when the next election time comes, then we shall have to harvest what we planted earlier in the community. We need to plant good looking seeds so that when the time of harvesting comes, we get yields from what we planted earlier,” Barekye added.

Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye, the personal assistant of the National chairperson of NRM, appealed to the coordinators to desist from any form of corruption, adding that corruption is one of the things that are hindering the fast development of the country.

She revealed that coordinators had to undergo an orientation program because they need to have a rightful path to follow when implementing the presidential directives and the party manifesto in their areas of jurisdiction.

“We all follow the guidelines of the national chairperson, we don’t want the coordinators to do things in our own way. We have guidelines from President Museveni and the core principles that he wants us to execute while on the ground,” Namyalo said.

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