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Do I Need To Feed Fish That Is In Cages?

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There’s a misconception by some fish farmers, especially beginners and those that have not received professional training, that fish in cages on open water bodies does not need to be fed.

However, the answer is ‘Yes’. Fish in cages should and must be fed. Fish in cages is also very easy to feed.  It feeds on common fish feeds including pellets. These are dropped on the waters over the cases and fish comes up and scoop it. The advantage is that the feeding is well controlled so there is no wastage of feeds.  Because of the easy and targeted feeding, the fish grow faster. 

The farmer’s production is predictable, which is not so with fishing in the wild.  You may go out with 100 nets and you come back with two pieces of fish.  But if you have your cage and you have looked after these fish very well, you can predict the production, and even the money that you can get from it.

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