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Do Bees Need Special Care To Be Productive?

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Bees need care too. You must make sure that your bees have got the means to reach ‘sweet’ elements from which they process nectar.

Ideally, bees move out and look for nectar from flowers near their homes. A single bee can move to as far as 5km from the hive, looking for flowers.

However, climate change and the endless dry seasons mean that there may not be flowers all year round. This is why you must provide an alternative to feed them.

At his demonstration farm, Eliazar Nsubuga has hives that can provide food to the bees inside. The hives have an outlet underneath, which connects to a small jerrycan on which sweet fruits like oranges and mangoes are kept.

The bees sip the juice from the fruits, then move back to process honey. A piece of mango fruit can serve an entire hive for days.

Provide water points for the bees because they also need water to produce honey.

During the rainy season, it is easy for the bees to access water, however, you have to provide this water in small tins at least 10 metres away from the hives for the bees. About 100ml per hive is enough for a week.

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