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Champrisa International To Help Farmers Reduce Cost Of Animal Feeds

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Herbert Musoke

For the fifth year running, Champrisa International has proudly come out to sponsor the Harvest Money Expo.

According to Dr Samuel Ssewagudde, the commercial manager of Tunga Nutrition, the Harvest Money Expo is an agricultural event that no one should ever miss.

Tunga nutrition

Tunga Nutrition is an affiliate of Dutch company Trouw Nutrition, which supplies Champrisa with Hendrix animal feed concentrates.

“With the countless benefits we have witnessed from the expo, we are happy that Vision Group has again organised this expo because it provides farming information to farmers which helps them to make informed decisions,” Ssewagudde told New Vision in an interview Tuesday, January 24.

“Whoever wants to get ideas of value addition should not miss the expo because there is a lot to learn, not only from experts but also from experienced and practising farmers,” he added.

Other sponsors of the 2023 expo include the Embassy of the Netherlands, Engineering Solutions (Engsol), Upfont Partners and the National Agricultural Advisory Services.

The expo will run on February 10-12, at Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala.

“Trouw Nutrition is known for its best Hendrix poultry and livestock feed concentrates distributed by Champrisa International in Uganda, which provide the best nutritional feeds to minimise expenditure on feeds and revenue on investment,” Ssewagudde explained.

He added that their concentrates have all the ingredients needed in the growth and development of livestock and birds which has contributed to their profitability.

“We will conduct a number of training sessions both at our stall and in the Dutch village in addition to those organised by Vision Group. This time, we will allow our customers first priority to ask questions so that we give them relevant information that will help them improve performance of their farms,” he stated.

 What director says

Meanwhile, Christopher Magezi, the Champrisa International managing director, noted that since the expo was virtual last year, there is a lot to exhibit and learn this year since it will be physical.

The expo was held virtually following the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020, which resulted in President Yoweri Museveni announcing a lockdown.

“We are coming to showcase to our customers various products including concentrates, whose prices we have reduced. Come and experience nutrition that will help you cut costs on your farm and maximise profits,” Magezi explained.

Other services, products

Apart from concentrates, Ssewagudde said they will exhibit other products that help in enhancing the health of birds and animals, among other things.

He added that they would bring mobile analysing machines to the expo.

One of the products to be exhibited is Ms Larvakill, a powerful and long-operating maggot killer, which reduces the fly population on a farm.

It stops the peeling of fly maggots, is non-toxic, well soluble in water and has a long-term effect.

According to Ssewagudde, many farmers take flies for granted not knowing that they are one of the greatest disease-spreading agents.

Significance of flies

In animals such as rabbits and dogs, flies cause flystrike (myasisi), which is a serious condition in rabbits where flies lay eggs on the animal’s body.

“These eggs hatch out into maggots that feed on your rabbits’ skin. The maggots can get through the tail, belly and back, thereby affecting the skin The late Kasirye Gwanga and meat quality,” Ssewagudde said.

Dry care powder is another product that will be exhibited. It is an organic powder with a good aroma that will purify the air thus preventing livestock from being affected by ammonia.

The powder can be applied in poultry houses, for both layers and broilers; pig stys, dairy houses and water pits. It should not be applied in feeds and not outside where it rains.

“Wet houses cause dangerous gases like ammonia that will cause burning of the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory tract and can result in blindness, lung damage or deaths. Inhalation of lower concentrations can cause coughing, as well as nose and throat irritation,” Ssewagudde explained.

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