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Calliandra Improves Milk Output

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A study by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has shown how farmers are the quality of their soil, and help countries reach their climate goals.

The report, released last week, also explores other possible measures to improve Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) stocks through case studies, such as the establishment of fodder gardens in eastern African Countries.
More than 40,000 small farmers in Kenya and Uganda have established gardens with calliandra trees as a practice to raise milk production and improve cow health.
The trees have had remarkable success in conserving soil, nutrient cycling and nutrient retention, but little is known regarding their potential of sequestering carbon in the soil.
According to the study, the establishment of these gardens has a potential increase in soil carbon of 0.03 tonnes C/ha per year. 
The report also explores options considering grazing systems intensification in response to increasing demand for livestock products and land competition.
These include enhancing carbon inputs from plant roots and residues by managing plant biomass removal from grazing or increasing forage production through improved species, irrigation and fertilization.

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