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Breeding Kuroilers

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The kuroiler chickens are naturally good breeders. They will breed easily and produce enough fertile eggs for hatching if you keep a good ratio of hens and roosters in your flock.

Generally, one mature and healthy rooster is enough for breeding around or up to 10 hens. This is the ratio that needs to be adhered to.

Mature kuroilers

At three months, it is recommended that the hens are separated from the cocks so that they just serve them at a certain interval. Otherwise, they would torture the hens so much when they are together and they could even eat the eggs.
Eggs have to be taken to the incubator within a week.

If your eggs have travelled a long distance, you have to store them in a cool dry place for one day/24 hours to settle before you place them in the incubator for hatching.

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