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Advantages Of Keeping Chicken In Cages

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Chicken cage keeping is slowly becoming the dominant practice for farmers keeping layers on a commercial scale.

However, the cage system is more expensive to start compared to the deep litter system, although it becomes cheaper in the long run as the farmer enjoys the advantages. The smallest cage unit of 100-250 chicken is a ‘self- contained’ structure that fits a small space, hence good for backyard farming.

The larger units also take more chicken compared to the deep litter system. For example, if you put your cages in a shelter that takes 6,000 layers, the cages would take at least 12,000.

One of the advantages of a cage system is that chicken are kept in a limited area hence making it easy for the owner to supervise and monitor their numbers.

While it may be difficult for one to count chicken under the deep litter system, it is easier under the cage system because each cage carries a specific number, so if any of them is missing, it is easy to know.

Cage systems do not need many workers since the feeding and watering is automated. For example, while 6,000 chicken under the deep litter system may need five workers. You only need one person under the cage system.

Cages are also cleaner, since droppings go through the mesh. This makes the birds less prone to diseases.

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