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You Can Keep Milk Cows On A Small Piece Of Land

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One does not need a big piece of land to start keeping cows for milk production, according to the chief executive officer of Heif Group Mixed Farm, Robert Kazoora.

“It isn’t about a person having a big piece of land. Even those that have one acre or smaller plots and want to start dairy farming, you can start and compete with a person who has a square mile of land.

“I regret having wasted a lot of time and money looking for land so that I can start cattle rearing for milk production,” Kazoora says.

He says if one wants to benefit from their dairy cows, one must add value to the milk.

“If you are to add value to your products, you are going to earn five times more than the person who just sells raw milk. We came with an ice cream-making machine and this is aimed at encouraging the farmers that they can milk their cows from their farms, process it, and then sell processed milk products,” Kazoora explains.

He says if he is to sell his cow from his farm, the starting price is sh5m.

“I look at my cows as my ATM machine and on average, a farmer can get sh20m if there is an abrupt need of a cattle breed,” Kazoora says.

Kazoora, as an exhibitor at the 2022 Harvest Money Expo, adds that the funniest question that he has always been asked by people is, that they want cows that can that give them more milk like the ones he has. “But I have kept on telling them is that it is a process that I had to explain to them.”

Kazoora said they have different breeds of cattle that are good for milk production.

“We have Ayrshire breed of cattle, jersey and brown swizz, among other breeds,” he says.

Kazoora says farming gives peace of mind, especially whenever one looks at his cows and interacts with them.

He urged farmers to always look out for cattle breeds that are resistant to harsh weather, feed less and provide plenty of milk.

Kazoora’s farm is located along Gombe-Semuto road in Nansana, Wakiso district.

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