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Why You Should Not Keep Chicken In A Storied Structure

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Joshua Kato

One of the biggest reasons why farmers keep chicken in storied structures is to maximize space. Indeed, farmers keep say, 2,000 chicken in space that would otherwise have been occupied by 1,000. 

However, the first disadvantage starts with the workers. In most cases, the birds on the top floor do not receive good care largely because the workers find it difficult climbing up, with loads of feeds or water.  

This means that they sometimes go without food or water. To, however, reduce their workload, you need to fix automatic drinkers on the top floors, so that the birds automatically receive water. 

Since automatic feeders are not yet so common in Uganda, establish a feed store on the top floor so that workers do not have to carry the feed every day. 

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