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Major Health Issues To Watch Out For In Pig Keeping

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Joshua Kato  

-Malnutrition – food is too little, too watery, rotten or scours (diarrhoea) in young pigs. Give rehydration fluids in water and treat with anti-biotics. But you are also advised to seek the services of a veterinary officer. 

-Mange; itchy skin disease affecting pigs of all ages. Keep the piggery clean to avoid these.

-Viral diseases like African Swine Fever. Carry out proper biosafety measures and dispose of every affected pig by burying it at least 6 feet deep. 

-Worms, abscesses, heat stroke, salt poisoning, pneumonia. These can be dealt with through regular deworming and regularly seeking the services of a veterinary officer.

-Foot conditions common in breeding stock, the main causes being bruising or puncture wounds in the feet. Treat with iodine and keep the houses clean. 

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