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Why You Should Consider Raised Gardens

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Ivan Amutuhire, a gardener says raised beds or box gardens make good backyard gardens for people in small spaces.

“They are made from timber, sacks, nets, metals, bricks or concrete,” he explains.

However, he warns that materials such as light wood and paper rot so fast. Therefore, if you choose to use them, oil or paint them to ward off termites as well.

Amutuhire says that apart from saving space, raised gardens are easy to create and maintain. They are also portable. They can be moved from one location to another. The gardens also add to home beauty. Just paint them with a colour that blends with your outdoors and house exterior.

They can also be made in different shapes and sizes.

“Plant vegetables, herbs and spices but not trees,” he says.

Alisen Nuwamanya, a professional agriculturist and backyard gardener says you don’t need to keep changing the soil.

Just top up or add organic manure at the end of every harvest to keep the soil fertile. But also remember to water regularly more so, during the dry season.

“But avoid planting or mixing crops of high nutrient requirements. They will be stunted,” he cautions.

Nuwamanya advises keeping monitoring the gardens. If they develop cracks, repair them immediately. Also, always paint or apply oil to keep off-ground termites.

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