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Tips On How To Start A Backyard Garden

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Some people hate getting their hands dirty and as such, they shun gardening much as it is one of the most rewarding, entertaining and healthy activities.

But some just don’t know where and how to start a garden.

Steven Kirumira, a gardener with Superior landscapes says gardening is easy even if you are limited on outdoor space.

It also allows the family to enjoy fresh food.

You need basic tools such as a hoe, gloves, hand pruners, garden fork, hand trowel and spade. With some, you can improvise.

Most importantly, you need to have some knowledge about backyard gardening. Use the internet or consult a professional gardener.

Leonard Muzahura, another gardener takes you through the steps of starting a garden;

Select a strategic corner. It should be open to receive enough rain and sunlight.

Sunlight is important as it aids photosynthesis; manufacturing of food for the plants. The corner should also have fertile soils. If not, then mix and add the soil.

After identifying the ideal garden location, decide what to grow. You can plant in the ground, in pots or raised beds. You can plant vegetables, spices and fruits among others.

But this depends on the size of the garden and your home needs.

Some homeowners prefer growing vegetables like cabbage, spinach and sukumawiki while others opt for culinary spices such as mints, oregano, celery, thyme, parsley, spring onions and more.

But some prefer berries and tomatoes.

Before that, decide whether to buy seedlings or plant your own nursery bed and transplant them to the garden.

Remember to water regularly, mulch and weed the garden.
Also, watch out for pests’ infestation and use organic pesticides. Feed the plants with compost manure.

“Vegetable seedlings should be of good variety. I recommend Hybrid F1 varieties. They grow fast and give high yields,” he adds.

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