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Why Uganda’s Meat Industry Is A Viable Option For Investment

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  • Organically fed animals: Uganda’s animals are fed on natural grass (more than 80% of the feeding), therefore, beef is organically produced. This means there are very minimal grain feeding and nutritional supplements. 
  • Low cholesterol and fat level in meat: The Ankole cattle, the main supplier of meat in Uganda have the leanest meat making it a healthier option for consumption.
  • Flavour: Uganda’s meat is known for its good taste and flavour. This is a good market quality attribute. 
  • Strategic location: Uganda is strategically located in the Great Lakes region which is ideal for supplying the growing regional markets in Kenya, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Congo and Rwanda.
  • Halaal Certification: Uganda’s beef is produced under halaal slaughter with independent halaal certifiers. This is a requirement for markets that practice Islam.
  • Affordable inputs: Livestock, feed and labour 
  • Available land for agriculture: Uganda has abundant land for production and processing and the climate and soils are good for poultry feed production. 
  • Improved transport infrastructure: in form of the upgraded road network and air transport. 
  • Effective demand: Consumption of beef is increasing both in absolute terms and on a per capita basis, as the incomes of people increase. Beef consumption in Uganda is only 6kgs per capita, which is below the recommended 50kgs by FAO. The growing incomes represent an opportunity to invest in the sector.
  • Conducive climate: Uganda has great potential for the export of meat products to neighbouring countries where the hostile climate hinders the production of quality beef.

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