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Why Should I Use Automatic Drinkers And Feeders? 

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There are various reasons why you should opt for automatic drinkers and plastic-hoisted feeders. 

One of these reasons is that they are cleaner than the common drinkers and feeders because both the water and the feeds are not contaminated.  

The water consumed by chicken in an automatic drinker comes straight from the tank to the chicken, while the water consumed by chicken from the common drinkers stays for hours in the drinker.

When chicken scratch the ground, this water is contaminated, hence making it less healthy for consumption. 

On the other hand, plastic hoisted feeders are also cleaner than ordinary feeders because they keep the feeds away from the ground and away from contamination. 

There is also no wastage of feeds since they (feeds) are kept inside the feeders.  

A piece of automatic drinker that can serve around 200 chicken costs between sh50,000-sh100,000, minus the general water tanks. 

Plastic feeder costs sh30,000-sh50,000. 

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