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When Do You Graze On New Pasture Field?

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Do not graze on the pastures until they are well-established and have developed a strong root system; otherwise, the plants will be pulled out of the soil and the soil may be compacted by the livestock.

The first grazing, which should be light, is done two to three months after the seed has germinated.

Light grazing allows the grass to develop more shoots so that the legumes are not shaded by the grass.

How many cows do you allow into a pasture field per acre?

The number of animals allowed into a given area of pasture also known as the stocking rate should be flexible such that it can be increased or reduced to match pasture availability.

On average, 10 animals per acre, two to three times a week should be enough. High quality grass/legume pasture should not be allowed to overgrow.

Grazing should not be lower than 20cm to 30cm high. Conserving excess pasture produced during the growing period, or purchasing feeds or selling some of the animals, will ensure efficient use of pastures.

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