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What You Require To Set Up A Proper Pig Sty

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Pigs, just like human beings, require houses to live in if they are to flourish. And these are designed to suit their lifestyle. A farmer must therefore, take the necessary precautions when choosing a site to construct a pigsty.

Qualities of a good site

  • It has to be a well- drained area in a shade and away from the main house. n It should be designed in such a way that it is not directly in the line of the sun. n It must be easy to clean.
  • Poor cleaning leads not only to diseases for the pigs, but also causes an awful stench.
  • The structure must be well ventilated. Pigs, just like other animals, need fresh air to survive.
  • They must have adequate doors for the farmer to move in and out easily.
  • Disinfectant troughs must be put at all entrances. Change the disinfectant every week.
  • Make sure that a feeding section is constructed in the piggery, with feeding troughs firmly placed so that the pigs do not move them around.

How to plan your piggery

  • There are mainly two sections of a piggery —feeding exercise area. The feeding area must be roofed to prevent it from getting wet. It is advisable that this cover at least two-thirds of the entire piggery. In one corner should be the feeding troughs too.
  • The exercise area where the pigs rest. It should cover at least one-third of the pen.

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