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What It Takes To Rear Quails

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Umar Nsubuga

She is called maama bugubi (Mrs. Quails) and she likes it. 

If you go to Sebbobbo Busunju village in Mityana district and ask for Milly Ssebagala, forgive the residents if they say: “We do not know her”, but the moment you ask for Omulimi wa bugubi (Quails farmer), even children will take you to her farm.

Ssebagala whose ‘quail kingdom’ is located in Sebbobbo village is not only known for rearing quails but lives with them and calls them her siblings.

“With quails, you don’t need much money to start, for example, one has to spend on things such as housing and feeds, medicines and you need less capital. If you are determined, quick returns and profits await you,” she explains.

According to Ssebagala, quails do not need much attention and they require small space. 20-25 birds can be in a one square metre stall. 

Her stalls are piled in a storeyed arrangement with each having 90-100 birds.

“A farmer can put small and simple structures of wood and mash which can be fitted in a very limited space,” she says.

For a commercial farmer, Ssebagala says you need to have cages, feeders, tools and waterers cleaned daily, but you need to be careful with the wild birds, and rodents among others which might cause them diseases.

Ssebagala says the birds take less time to mature and they start laying eggs within a short time, within six weeks they start laying eggs. They also eat very little, on average they eat 20-30 grams per day. 

She says quails grow fast and are ready for slaughter after six weeks. They are also good pets.

Quails are smart birds and can respond to their names, eat from your hands and can even be trained to do certain things.

“It is important to deworm them every two to three weeks, but they generally require no other medication,” she explains.


According to Ssebagala, there is a ready market for quails even for the bird’s eggs and meat. 

She sells one-month-old birds at sh20,000 each.

She also says that quail eggs can be used to treat various ailments such as asthma, cough and allergies.

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