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Watch Out Against Food Poisoning

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Recently, after a good dose of grasshoppers, I could hardly sit or even walk. Reason, my head was pounding and my stomach was hurting like crazy. What followed minutes later was that I started throwing up uncontrollably. I was scared because I did not know what had become of me! When I made to a clinic hours later, barely unable to stand, I was told I had food poisoning. Thank God, I am now able to do my work normally. So, watch you eat as we approach the December festive to avoid a similar experience with your loved.

An acute infection involving the food passage is what is commonly known as food poisoning. It is usually a mild infection but can be fatal in some cases.
The infection is commonly caused by viruses and bacteria. It may also be caused by toxins.

It is usually acquired from food that has been kept for a while or not hygienically prepared. Contaminated water and other drinks can also be a source of infection.

Mild cases can be treated at home but more serious cases require hospital admissions. The major aim of treatment is to replace lost fluids and to control other symptoms such as fevers.

All the steps involved in food preparation and storage are essential in prevention. People who are involved in the preparation and serving of food need to be hygienic.

Other aspects of personal hygiene such as hand washing before meals are important in prevention.

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