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Wabbi Turns Cut Grass from Compounds Into Feed, Source of Income

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Vision Reporter

School and church compounds are very large and keeping them clean is almost a mystery. However, all this grass could be turned into useful material and a source of income.

Robert Wabbi, a youth in Seguku village, Makindye Municipal Council collects cut grass from compounds, removes plastic materials, dries and packs it in bags and sells it to livestock farmers.

The demand for dry grass also known as “hay” is very high among urban dairy cattle farmers. A kilogramme of grass hay ranges between sh400 to sh500.

Wabbi explains that some of his customers prefer to buy the grass soon after cutting, while others want it dry (hay).

“For quick drying, we turn the grass two or three times daily for a day, while still in the compound,” he says.

If it threatens to rain, Wabbi says they collect it in big heaps and cover it with tarpaulins. When the sun comes out then the grass is spread again. Final drying is done in a well-ventilated room for two days to maintain the green colour.

LEAD PHOTO CAPTION: Wabbi drying and packing cut grass from a compound. Courtesy photo

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