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Use Hollow Blocks To Grow Vegetables

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Hollow blocks are versatile materials. Aside from being strong building materials, they can be used to grow food as well.

Joshua Twinomurinzi, a landscaper says hollow blocks can be used to raise vegetable and flower gardens. They also make unique planters and pot holders. 

Place them anywhere in the garden, patio, veranda or balcony. 

Additionally, these blocks can either be arranged while stacking them together or separated.

“You can achieve any garden design; rectangular, square, curved or oval gardens,” he adds.

The blocks come in handy to help one maximize small space to grow food, more so, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

For example, Momo Amelia Masiko, a resident of Naalya, Kampala suburb grows spices and vegetables in her backyard using hollow blocks. 

She created corners including a vegetable zone with lettuce, spinach and coriander. 

She also demarcated a seating area for meditating and an ornamental zone with different kinds of decorative plants.

“I use fertile soil and water the plants regularly to ensure good growth,” she says.

How to design the blocks

Twinomurinzi advises sketching out the design on a piece of paper. This will guide you as you go about the project.

Level the ground and ensure a firm foundation. 

After, start arranging the blocks in a design of your choice. 

Observe the curves, straight lines and pull out the hedges.

Also, you can stack the blocks together to achieve the height you want.

For some pop of colour in your garden, feel free to paint the blocks but ensure the paint blends well with the one on the house and fence.

Masiko arranged the blocks in such a way that the holes can be used for planting.

“They can also be used to create terraces,” she says.

After, determine what to plant where and remember to use black soil that is well mixed with charcoal dust and manure.

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