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Herbs, Spices Are Quick Money Makers

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Betty Nankabirwa, a resident of Gaba on the outskirts of Kampala discovered a jewel in spices. She grows them for sale.

“I was idle for the first five years after retirement until a friend inspired me to grow spices and vegetables for an income,” she recalls.

Currently, Nankabirwa earns about sh70, 000 weekly from her compound. 

The entire home spans 50X100ft. She grows mints, oregano, thyme, and sage from recycled car tyres, plastic containers and black polythene bags.

“Spices are easy to grow and maintain. They are also healthy, quick money makers,” she assures. 

Nankabirwa saw her sales triple during the COVID-19 lockdown when people went into a steaming frenzy to ward off the virus.

“The demand was overwhelming. I increased the sh1, 000 packs to sh2, 000 and used the proceeds to expand my garden,” she elaborates.

How to grow spices in tight spaces?

Leonard Muzahura, another gardener with Superior landscapes is of a view to maximize the different gardening ideas to grow spices in small spaces.

For example, you plant a potted garden even if you are living in an apartment. Utilize the balcony and make money.

The veranda and porch can also provide space for herbal gardens.

Use flower pots, recycle old containers of different sizes or plant sack gardens.

Plants do not mind the type of container but rather fertile soil and good drainage. Drill holes in the containers to drain off excess water.

You can also use hollow blocks.  

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