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Tips & Tricks Of Growing Banana

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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To have the best banana plantation, here are the steps one should follow:

  • Choose black, well-drained soils as bananas grow best in them.
  • Clear the land in order to remove any obstacles such as big stones or tree stumps.
  • Measure the size of the land to determine the number of banana suckers you need. For example, for one acre, one needs 400 banana suckers.
  • Dig holes measuring three feet wide and three feet long and two feet deep for each sucker.
  • The distance between the holes should be 10×10 feet. One can use a tape measure to decide the distances.
  • Apply manure in the pits before planting the suckers. Depending on the type of the soil, one can apply three to five basins of manure in one hole.
  • Allow the manure to decompose for one month before planting the suckers.

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