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How To Feed Rabbits

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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Rabbits can be fed on hay since it has fibre. They can also be given pellets, especially the kits. The high protein and calcium content will help their growth, while fresh vegetables provide hydration. Rabbits can also be given fruits as they have a sweet tooth.

They can also be fed on maize bran, about 100 grammes for each and a handful of hay. Feeding rabbits is one of the easiest things to do, that is, only in the morning and evening.

A farmer can easily tell when rabbits are satisfied because they will all be ‘relaxed’, especially on hot days. You should avoid serving your rabbits dusty bran because it chokes them through the nose.

To avoid choking the rabbits, he sprinkles water on the feed before serving it.

Feeds the rabbits in heavy clay bowls, which helps to avoid feed wastage as rabbits cannot pour it.

If you have a pipped water system across your farm, let rabbits drink water on nipples of different sizes and types, according to age. This is to ensure that they have sufficient and clean water all day long. Secondly, they cannot contaminate the water with feed or urinate in it.  

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